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Used foundation equipment and piling rigs for sale

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Used Piling Rigs | Drilling Equipment for Sale

We are the leading supplier for used piling rigs with several yards, over 1000 augers, casings and drilling equipment for sale from most of the major manufacturers of new rigs. In addition we are able to liase with you directly and can present various options for the delivery of your foundation machines to any destination in the world. We have been providing drilling rigs to countries as far afeild as UAE, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia.

To say we are a world leader in used machines would be an understatement; we were established over 10 years ago; we have sold over 500 mini and large drilling machines and have helped over 200 companies with both delivery and training from our staff of expertise. Our rigs are either for hire or rent, although it is highly popular with our customers to rent as it is a beneficial option before going on to buy.

We ship our drilling rigs to any worldwide destination.

We can also provide personnel with the right skills and expertise to meet your specific needs and aide in delivering the rigs to the correct destination. Our highly qualified staff are here to assist in getting you up and running with your new rig when it arrives and will are here to help and advise throughout the entire process. In a nutshell we do not only sell and buy piling equipment but provide a full service from purchase to the operation at your constrution site.


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