Introducing the Cobra T12000 SP

on Thursday, 04 November 2021.

Introducing the Cobra T12000 SP

After the hugely successful launch of the Cobra T12000 last summer, our workshop team have been working extremely hard to further expand our range of T-series rigs. In order to remain ahead of the curve and deliver a dynamic product into the piling market, the decision was made to manufacture a state-of-the-art fully remote-controlled mini rig.

Those of you who have followed the evolution of the Cobra piling rigs, will recall that our original self-propelled mini rig, the T15, was released in 2018. Our team have decided to revisit and redesign the T15, enhancing the overall design and incorporating a range of exciting new features. Aside from subtle aesthetic differences, the new Cobra T12000 SP is more environmentally compliant, operating with a tier-five engine. Our latest mini rig also benefits from a longer mast stroke, is more powerful and has a better overall drilling capacity.


Cobra T12000 SP specification:

-A robust and efficient Hatz H-series, tier five onboard engine, capable of producing 12000nm of torque.

-An overall weight of 3500kg.

-Fully remote controlled, utilising a Scanreco system for diligence and complete operator control.

-An overall width of 1200mm - 2020mm.

-Adjustable rubber tracks guaranteeing good manoeuvrability and enabling the rig to comfortably fit through doorways, gateways, or areas with tighter access with ease.

-An overall height of 2050mm (mast folded) and 3410mm (mast vertical), making the T12000 SP ideal for working in environments with low headroom or tricky access.

-Incorporation of a side shift and a side tilt mast, beneficial for quick and easy alignment when drilling; side shift for lateral alignment and side tilt for diagonal alignment.

-Capable of drilling up to 450mm diameter. The specific depth able to be achieved will vary depending on factors such as the soil condition and extraction force. However, the torque and power produced will enable the desired depths to be reached from this class of rig.



The Cobra T12000 SP is available to purchase in either drop hammer or rotary configuration. Our latest mini rig has been purposefully designed to excel on challenging sites, such as those with tight access or low headroom. In addition, due to its compact size, the T12000 SP is easy to transport and extremely manoeuvrable both on and off site. This rig also benefits from a fast set-up time, enabling work to commence as soon as the rig arrives on site. Like all our mini rigs, the T12000 SP is simple to operate, environmentally compliant and efficient, and a great all-rounder.

In order to continue leading the mini piling revolution, our team have developed and manufactured a robust, efficient, and powerful mini machine capable of working on the most challenging of sites. The T12000 SP mini rig integrates modern design, skilful engineering, and the infamous ‘small but mighty’ Cobra concept. This fully remote-controlled mini rig is durable, easy to operate, and will undoubtedly pave the way for the next generation of self-propelled drilling rigs.


More information about the Cobra T12000 SP will be released in due course. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about our Cobra range, or for any specific technical information, please contact our sales team today; 01985 219192 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.