Expo 2021 Summary

on Monday, 11 October 2021.

Expo 2021 Summary

Last month we opened the doors of our Wiltshire headquarters to host our 2021 summer exposition. After an arduous eighteen months it was lovely to see a few of our clients in-person once again, and to be able to share with them what we’ve been up to.

During the pandemic, the potential to socialise and network with clients was effectively eradicated, therefore we thought it was crucial to host an in-person event, extending invitations to all our regular clients. Our summer exposition provided the perfect environment to showcase an array of machinery and equipment, whilst simultaneously facilitating networking opportunities for all. Clients were able to browse a selection of new and refurbished piling rigs and drilling equipment, socialise, and raise enquiries about specific products and services. This event presented a fantastic opportunity to interact with our clients face-to-face, something we have definitely missed!

In terms of the machinery exhibited, we had an array of Geax rigs, including the infamous EK series machines and the popular XD mini rigs. Our team also put together a Cobra display showcasing our current line-up of mini rotary and drop hammer machines. Additionally, we were proud to unveil our latest Cobra mini rig, the T12000 SP. Throughout the pandemic our workshop team have worked extremely hard, continuing to design and manufacture the majority of our Cobra rigs in-house. Our latest mini rig, which is currently nearing the end of production, will represent, and certainly redefine, the next generation of self-propelled mini rigs.

This year’s exposition proved hugely successful with various orders placed and deposits taken on five machines. We are very much looking forward to planning next year’s event, however in the meantime we will continue to work alongside clients and suppliers, providing members of the piling community with the high quality machinery, equipment, and service they require and deserve.