Getting to know Geax

on Thursday, 13 January 2022.

Getting to know Geax

Across the international drilling sector, Geax is a widely recognised and hugely respected brand name. Established in 2006, Geax is an Italian manufacturing company, responsible for designing and producing three highly coveted piling rig ranges, the DTC, EK, and XD series. Since the company’s inception, their primary aim has always been to create innovative drilling machines which are compact, reliable, simple to use, efficient and highly productive on site. Geax pride themselves on pushing the boundaries when it comes to innovation. The manufacturing firm are all about embracing new technologies, improving drilling operations and site safety, and are always aiming to reduce overall operating costs for all.

Within the highly competitive piling industry, Geax have carved out a niche, specialising in creating compact, versatile, and ergonomically designed machines. Geax piling rigs are distinguished by a number of core features and intuitive additional extras; benefitting from a variety of first-rate technologies and techniques used to ensure each machine is purposefully designed to meet, and exceed, the requirements and expectations of clients. So, what really differentiates Geax from their competitors? As quoted in GeoDrilling, “The Geax philosophy is all about building compact, high-quality rigs which can operate on the most difficult construction sites, with the maximum possible flexibility”. By examining Geax’s fundamental elements we can begin to see what really sets them apart.



It is well known that Geax machines, even the larger models, are very compact in comparison to their marketplace counterparts. However, unlike many other brands, Geax’s smaller rigs are not simply a scaled-down copy. Each machine is carefully designed to solve all the limitations that a reduction of weight and size involves. Despite being physically smaller piling solutions, all three of Geax’s rigs ranges deliver unrivalled power, excellent flexibility, and are easy to operate. Geax piling rigs are highly capable, meaning they are able to perform on sites where many contractors with larger, less manoeuvrable machines would be hesitant to work. Narrow spaces, slopes, building interiors, close proximity to power lines, and sites with restricted access are well within the EK, DTC, and XD’s working remit. Additionally, the versatility and agility of all three Geax ranges, enable these rigs to work on a variety of projects and job sites, including those with tricky ground conditions, thanks to Geax’s patented BPS crowd system. Plus, the overall compactness of the machine cuts transportation and fuelling costs, which avoids wasting time and resources that may occur with an oversized machine. Geax have formulated a way of optimising every aspect of production by adapting their equipment to meet all job site needs.

In terms of multifunctionality, the Geax rigs are able to transform from one drilling mode to another with a simple modular kit change. All three Geax ranges are adaptable, easy to operate, and benefit from reduced set-up speed enabling work to commence as soon as the rig reaches site. In order to guarantee superior agility, the machines’ particular articulation structure is similar to that of a normal excavator, with a long boom supporting the mast. This set-up allows a wide range of mast positions to be achieved, with independent adjustment of the vertical mast position. Furthermore, wire rope positions are not dependent on the mast position as the winches are mounted on the mast itself rather than an alternative less-efficient configuration.

In addition to the adjustable mast, the excavator bases utilised, which are constructed to Geax specifications, ensure excellent reliability, flexibility, and superior cabin quality, an area which is often overlooked. The redesign of the classic piling rig cab cleverly integrates slick ergonomics making it comfortable and quiet, something which is often disregarded by alternative drilling brands. The expandable track base enables total control for the operator as well as providing excellent stability during operation. Geax states that “clients often exploit the stability and manoeuvrability [of the rig] in almost any condition. This is made possible due to the expandable track base”. Furthermore, Geax rigs incorporate 360-degree piling, an advantageous feature enabling the machine to drill smoothly and effectively from every angle.



At present, Geax produce three specialist product ranges, the EK, XD, and DTC series:

EK series: Geax’s most popular rigs, the EK series are multifunctional machines capable of operating in a variety of modes with a simple kit change. The EK rigs can be quickly transformed from CFA piling into telescopic-Kelly, diaphragm wall, or rotary mode, with many more drilling options available. The EK series incorporates ingenuity and versatility, enabling one rig to conduct a vast array of work in different conditions. Conversion between modular kits is simple to apply and a low-cost way of having one rig that functions in a multitude of modes.

Best application: Everything and anything. The EK machines are our most popular rigs for a reason.

Our favourite EK rig: All of them! It’s a love triangle between the EK40, 75 and 110.



XD series: Currently Geax’s smallest hydraulic piling rigs, the XD mini machines are highly capable despite their small stature. The XD series has been designed to work in extremely tight and restricted spaces, on sites with low headroom, and jobs difficult to access with a larger piling rig. In spite of their compact structure, the XD mini rotary rigs are equipped with all the features often associated with larger rigs, such as, an auxiliary winch, depth metre, spin-off speed, and winch limit switch. The integrated vertical alignment also enables hillside piling to be undertaken with ease.

Best application: Working in small spaces, such as basements, with ease.

Our favourite XD rig: Either the XD6 or the XD9, both proficient and fantastic in restricted access areas.



DTC series: A European favourite, the DTC series encompasses manoeuvrability, low maintenance, and reduced running costs. The light, robust structure paired with a compact frame, enables the DTC rigs to be agile on site, and capable of delivering higher levels of performance and productivity in comparison to larger rigs.

Best application: Hillside piling or on sites with extremely tricky ground conditions.

Our favourite DTC rig: DTC 50, you get the best of both worlds, a medium sized machine with excellent scope.



Overall, we think it’s clear to see why many of our clients, within both the hire and sales departments, are choosing Geax. Our clients, and Geax clients globally, are continuously praising the brand for their ingenuity and innovation. We are always eager to see new products being unveiled and enjoy sharing the Geax-glow with others.

Geax are revolutionising the foundation drilling machine market by offering innovative products which consistently deliver and perform under tough conditions. If you are looking to hire or purchase a Geax machine from us, please get in touch with our team.