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The 5 W's, answered by Piling Equipment Ltd

on Friday, 09 October 2020.

The 5 W's, answered by Piling Equipment Ltd

The premise of this blog post is simple. By answering the five most frequently asked questions, we can provide you with an insight into Piling Equipment Ltd, divulging how we work and what we do! 

Who are Piling Equipment Ltd? 

Piling Equipment Ltd was founded in 2007, by our current Managing Director, Mark Symes. Since leaving school, Mark has worked for a variety of piling companies, situated both in the UK and abroad. Over a span of three-decades, Mark has been able to attain invaluable industry experience and expertise, plus an indispensable insight into the piling and drilling sector. Since inception Piling Equipment Ltd has gone from strength to strength. Today we are considered as one of the leading global suppliers, specialising in supplying new and used piling machinery and drilling equipment.

Currently we have a diverse team comprised of 15 individuals working across our head office and workshop. Our team have a wealth of experience within their departments, and work collaboratively in order to provide our clients with the most proactive and professional service. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service and believe every interaction and transaction with us should be proficient and hassle free. We have a large number of extremely satisfied clients based around the UK and overseas, who have vouched for our energetic and methodical customer assistance approach, head over to our social media channels to view our customer stories and super reviews.

What does Piling Equipment Ltd do?

We offer a complete range of services available to customers located both in the UK and abroad. Primarily we focus on plant hire within the UK and worldwide machinery and equipment sales, however we also offer and conduct an array of workshop-based services. Our sales team also purchase second-hand machinery and sell equipment on behalf of clients on a commission basis. Our core business elements are; sales, hire & workshop.

Sales; We have an extensive range of new and used piling equipment and drilling machinery available for sale. Our rigs can meet a variety of project needs, from CFA and rotary, to large diameter and tight access jobs. All machinery comes complete with a full warranty and is completely inspected and serviced prior to delivery. Despite our UK location, we have a multitude of clients situated around the globe, and our team have almost two-decades worth of international sales and shipping experience. 

Hire; Our hire fleet is one of the newest and most diverse in the UK. From mini rigs and CFA, to drop hammers and rotary rigs, we guarantee to have a machine for every project and jobsite. We offer a range of flexible rental agreements and all our machinery is fully serviced and fuelled prior to arrival on site, ensuring your rig is ready to start working straight away. We have a large client database and regularly hire machinery to a variety of sites across the UK. Our rigs have worked on lots of interesting projects including shopping malls, home builds, basement excavations and more, we really do have a rig for every jobsite.  

Workshop; Our on-site workshop is fully equipped to accommodate a range of services. Our engineers have over 100 years of combined industry expertise, and regularly conduct services such as auger repairs, LOLER inspections, rig repairs and maintenance, complete equipment overhauls and machinery re-sprays. We also have the facilities and capacity to offer our clients custom built machines. Our rig manager will discuss ideas and specifications with you, present a variety of customisable options including bespoke paint colours, and build your rig completely to specification, ensuring a truly unique machine.

In addition to our core functions, our team are also available to purchase used piling machinery and sell on behalf of clients on a commission basis. For further information about these services please get in contact with our sales team.

Why do Piling Equipment Ltd offer such a range of services and operate as they do? 

We believe that drilling and any associated piling paraphernalia should be easily accessible. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new or second hand rig, or are interested in hiring from us, our assortment of equipment ensures we are able to cater to an extensive audience. Additionally, our array of core services ensures we can serve the piling community in various ways. Due to our diverse corporate strategy, we are able to meet and fulfil consumer needs throughout the product lifecycle. Beginning with the initial sale, through to general maintenance and servicing, finishing with a potential trade-in or part-exchange, our multifaceted approach allows us to continue serving the consumer at each point of the product’s life span. This sustainable and multi-dimensional approach ensures we are able to provide ongoing service and support to our clients, thus ensuring our longevity.  

When is Piling Equipment Ltd open?

On a day-to-day Monday to Friday basis, our office is open from 8.30am until 5pm, and our workshop is open from 8am until 5.30pm. If you’d like to speak with a member of our team outside of these hours, please drop us an email or head over to social media and direct message us.

Our HQ is also open for visitors all year round. If you would like to view our selection of new and used machinery and equipment, have a look around our workshop or speak to any of our team face-to-face, please get in touch with us to arrange your visit.

Where does Piling Equipment Ltd operate from and sell to?

Our headquarters is located in Wiltshire, UK. We also have a separate storage yard close by, enabling us to stock a larger assortment of rigs and equipment. Due to our geographical location, we have access to a large number of UK ports enabling us to ship internationally with ease.

In general, we sell our products, both new and used, around the globe. We are the exclusive international dealer for Cobra machines, as well as an agent of Geax. Our Geax contract states that new rigs can be sold anywhere internationally so long as there is no existing dealership located in that country. Used Geax machinery is able to be sold anywhere in the world once 1000 working hours or 1-year minimum age has been reached. Additionally, the majority of our second-hand machinery and equipment is sold internationally.

Our sales team have over 15 years’ experience with international shipping. We have worked alongside clients situated all over the world, and always strive to provide the best service possible. Throughout the sales and shipping process, our team will provide updates and ensure all necessary paperwork and documentation is handled appropriately. As a worldwide name we are consistently expanding into new territories and pairing machinery with actively seeking buyers.