The Benefits of Mini Piling

on Friday, 03 March 2023.

Mini piling, also known as micro piling or small diameter piling, involves the use of small-diameter piles typically ranging from 100mm to 350mm in diameter to support structures. Below we shall discuss some advantages of Mini piling.


Versatile: Mini piling can be used in a variety of soil types, including soft, unstable, and contaminated ground. This makes it a versatile solution for a range of construction projects.


Low vibration: Mini piling involves minimal disturbance to the surrounding ground, resulting in low levels of vibration and noise during installation. This makes it ideal for use in urban areas or where nearby structures may be affected by traditional driven piling methods.


Reduced site access requirements: Mini piling equipment is typically smaller than that used for traditional piling, allowing it to operate on sites with restricted access or limited headroom, such as basements, tight urban spaces, domestic properties. Back gardens and existing commercial properties.



Fast installation: Mini piles can be installed quickly, with some installations taking just a few hours. This makes them an efficient solution for projects with tight schedules.


Cost-effective: Mini piling is often more cost-effective than traditional strip foundation methods, particularly for small to medium-sized projects. This usually results in less arisings (spoil) from being removed from sites, given you greener credentials with less moving muck-away lorries.


Load-bearing capacity: Despite their small size, mini piles can support significant loads, making them an effective solution for a wide range of construction projects. This has a clear advantage when there are poor soil conditions looking for heavily loaded piles. Driven piles do not require any spoil to be removed while being installed so are suitable for contaminated sites or areas.


Overall, mini piling offers a range of advantages that make it a popular choice for a variety of construction projects. We have a fantastic selection of Mini piling rigs available for both sale and hire. Enquire today for more information or take a look around our website.