Three factors to consider when purchasing from Piling Equipment Ltd

on Friday, 19 March 2021.

Three factors to consider when purchasing from Piling Equipment Ltd

It’s inevitable that at some point in time, a drilling contractor will need to purchase a new piling rig or upgrade their existing machinery. A new purchase may come to fruition due to a multitude of factors such as project diversification, environmental compliance or company expansion. Buying a new machine or upgrading any equipment definitely has a financial, social and environmental implication, although the justification for the purchase is completely valid, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons and think about various factors. We’ve listed a few note-worthy pre-purchase considerations here:


Project Purpose: A key consideration to take into account prior to your commitment to purchase, is what kind of rig are you thinking of acquiring and why. What are the key capabilities you require from a new piece of machinery? It’s important to consider the type of projects your latest edition is likely to be working on. Whether that’s on sites with limited access or those with tricky ground conditions, taking variables like these into account before you purchase should ensure you select the rig that’s going to add value and the right kind of diversification to your fleet.

Our sales team have a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, and we understand what customers expect from their equipment. Depending on functional specifications and personal requirements, our team can source and supply the most appropriate machinery for you and your business. We have a large collection of foundation drilling equipment, with machinery capable of working in a variety of applications, including but not limited to, CFA, rotary, drop hammer and mini piling. We also have rigs suitable for working on a range of job sites, including those with unfavourable ground conditions. Each drilling rig make and model has been specifically selected by our sales team to satisfy the ever changing needs of our customers, whilst ensuring all industry requirements have been adhered to; and clients’ expectations are exceeded at every opportunity.

Our sales approach is transparent and hassle free. Our team like to know as much as possible about your requirements in order to suggest the most appropriate machinery for your circumstances. Therefore our sales manager will mostly likely discuss the following with you; depth/diameter required, ground conditions, potential site restrictions. We’ll also ensure you have all the relevant information about the different types of machinery available before you make your final purchase decision.

Additionally, we like to make sure all customers are familiar with their new machine. Post purchase, our team can arrange a full walk-through to outline your rigs features, options and operational capacity. Furthermore, an on-site visit or call with our team paired with a comprehensive user manual, will ensure you get to know the ins and outs of your machine, meaning your new equipment will be utilised to its full potential


Budget Considerations: It’s important to note that purchasing new foundation machinery is a significant financial investment. We believe that high-quality piling machinery and equipment should be accessible to all, regardless of industry, location or financial position. Therefore our machinery and equipment inventories are comprised of an assortment of stock suited to a wide variety of projects, sectors and budget. From marine construction and mining, to civil engineering and new housing developments, our machinery has worked on a diverse mixture of sites both nationwide and worldwide. Our pricing structure is fair, competitive and transparent, and we are able to complete transactions in a variety of currencies. We offer a range of finance options, subject to status, and may also consider a part exchange dependant on the make, model and condition of your existing machinery. For more information about our range of finance possibilities please contact our sales manager.


After-Sales Expectations: Post-acquisition, your new piling rig, like many things, will require maintenance and additional expenditure. After a certain period of time, parts may need to be repaired or replaced and your machinery will need to be serviced and properly maintained. Prior to purchasing a new rig or piece of equipment, it’s important to ascertain the possible future costs that may incur. Researching the price and availability of spare parts as well as the service level, for example, should help you to forecast future expenses.

Additionally, we offer a range of in-house workshop services including but not limited to; repairs, modifications, rig inspections and general maintenance. Our workshop engineers have over one-hundred years of combined industry knowledge and experience, and offer an array of services with a fast turnaround time and competitive rates. In order to keep your rig looking and performing like new, we offer a range of rig maintenance and repair solutions to ensure your equipment is well maintained and always ready to work. In some cases, we’re also able to provide on-site breakdown assistance, to ensure any problems are rectified as time-efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Due to the assortment of popular makes and models we stock, our workshop also has an assortment of genuine parts readily available should your rig need a replacement.


Our complete machinery and equipment inventory is available to view on our website. Alternatively please get in touch with our sales team to receive a digital copy of our latest catalogue. For further information about our sales process or workshop services, please get in touch with our sales team via phone or email; 01985 219192 | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.