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The Cobra range has been designed and built to be durable and able to withstand the pressure of everyday site conditions, whilst exceeding expectations at every opportunity.

Perfect for limited site access, the Cobra range is available in rotary configuration or drophammer.

Utilising our years of manufacturing experience, we offer a range of compact mini- rigs, built in-house and made to order.

We offer a range of compact rigs, manufactured in house and made to order, using years of build, manufacturing experience & knowledge.



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Ideal for working on sites with reduced headroom or limited access, the Cobra series machines have an overall compact and neat structure without compromising on performance. All our Cobra rigs benefit from adjustable rubber tracks enabling them to fit through doorways and gateways with ease. Due to their compact size, the Cobra rigs have a small working footprint and are therefore easy to transport and manoeuvre both on and off site. Additionally, these machines are extremely operator friendly and benefit from a reduced set up time, enabling work to commence as soon the rig reaches site.

Available in drop hammer and rotary configurations, the Cobra rigs have a superb price-to-performance ratio, are a generally lower-cost investment and are straight forward to maintain with authentic parts readily available. The Cobra machines also have excellent fuel economy, are very efficient and produce a low emission output. Furthermore, the specially selected engines produce low noise levels, enabling site restrictions to easily be adhered to and overcome.

Cobra Drophammer

Cobra Drophammer

The Cobra drop hammers are designed for installing driven piles and their compact design offers effective installation even on the trickiest of sites. Our mini rigs are small enough to fit through doorways and gateways with ease, yet powerful enough to deliver 500kg or 1 tonne weights into your piling project. Available in a range of base unit sizes and mast lengths for different weights and lengths of casing, the drop hammer design is also able to be customised and modified to suit individual requirements and meet a variety of specifications. Model variants include; Cobra D500, Cobra D1000.

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Cobra Rotary

Cobra Rotary

The Cobra auger mini rigs are designed to be used on the smallest of sites. Due to their compact size, these machines can easily fit through gateways and doorways with room to spare, making them the ideal rig for sites with low headroom, confined space, or restricted access. These mini rigs are economical on fuel and are self-erecting, ensuring a quick and simple setup every time. The Cobra rotary machines are fully customisable with features such as; side shift and winch, Scanreco remote control, a variety of mast options and bespoke colours to match your business’ branding. Model variants include: Cobra 3000, Cobra T15, Cobra T8000, Cobra T12000.

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First Hand Quotes


"We were impressed from the onset with the design and versatility of our Cobra. It’s easy to use, easy to transport and highly effective on site."

"The Cobra rigs are multi-functional, small and compact allowing for straight forward maneuvering."

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