The Cobra range is built to be durable and withstand the pressure of everyday hard working site conditions while exceeding expectations at every opportunity.

Perfect for limited site access, the Cobra range comes available in rotary configuration or drophammer.

Ranges we offer

Designed by skilled German engineers, collaborating with UK Piling professionals, the Cobra ranges are manufactured with the highest-grade durable materials. Combining innovative design, with the use of the highest quality components, the machines are built to last. Available in Rotary configuration or Drop-hammer, with on board engine OR bespoke powerpack, the mini rigs are small but mighty.

With every generation of machine we see new features on an already exceptional design, making this complete range a highly desirable, yet compact addition to the mini piling market.

Cobra Drophammer

Cobra Drophammer

The Cobra Drophammer’s are designed for installing driven piles. Their compact design offers effective installations in the trickiest of access sites, small enough to fit through doorways and powerful enough to deliver 500 kg or 1-ton weights into your piling project. Easy operation, without any compromises. Available in a range of base unit sizes and mast lengths for different weights and lengths of casing; D500, D1000 & D1200, this range comes with some optional extras; size of drop weight, removeable mast extensions and bespoke colours

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Cobra Rotary

Cobra Rotary

The Cobra auger rigs are designed for use in the smallest of sites. Due to the compact size, the machine can fit through doorways with room to spare, but still have the power you need. The rigs are economical on fuel, as a built in design feature, and are self-erecting so simple to setup on site. Available in a complete range span from; T3, T5, T8, T10 & the powerful T15 which has the ability to pump through grout. As standard they come with engine on board, but we now have the same complete range available with a separate powerpack, should you want it. The auger range comes with many optional features; including side shift & winch, top of the range Sanreco remote control, different mast options and even bespoke colours for your business.

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First Hand Quotes

"We were impressed from the onset with the design and manufacturing standards achieved of this versatile mini piling rig. It's well detailed and defined operating procedures provides ease of use operation on site for our rig operatives."

"A multi-functional player in the mini piling market; Small enough to cope on restricted sites, versatile enough to work on the larger sites. An excellent all-round mini piling rig."


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