In 2016 we announced ourselves as the official Geax UK & Ireland Dealer.

Geax are an Innovative and leading Italian rig manufacturer providing quality compact machines. They have cleverly engineered the medium sized rigs to maximise performance and flexibility in a range of conditions.

Geax rigs

Ranges we offer

There are 3 different ranges on offer to give you choice and job flexibility; EK, XD & DTC. Allowing for complete versatility for medium sized rigs, whilst changing the boundaries on weight and increasing stability. 

Geax EK

Geax EK

The EK series are multi-purpose rigs with the ability to operate in different drilling modes including: Telescopic Kelly Piling (P), CFA, Diaphragm Walls (D), Soil Mixing (SM), Soil Displacement (SD), Hydraulic Hammer (HH), Vibro-Hammer (VH) and Jet Grouting (JG). Each drilling mode is a kit, enabling the machine to adapt to various applications. Conversion between kits is easy and simple to apply and low cost. This versatility means you can have a rig that functions in CFA and Rotary, with a vast reduction in changeover time.

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Geax XD

Geax XD

The XD series machines are the smallest hydraulic piling rigs in the world. They have been designed to work in extremely tight and restricted spaces, limited headroom and on sites difficult to access with any other larger piling rig. Despite their compact size, the XD series is equipped with all the features associated with larger rigs such as, auxiliary winch, depth meter, spin off speed and winch limit switched. Additionally, the vertical alignment enables hillside piling.

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Geax DTC

Geax DTC

The DTC series has been designed to satisfy the growing market of compact piling rigs with emphasis on its manoeuvrability, ease of transport, low maintenance and reduced running costs. Its light, robust structure and compact size guarantees superior agility and higher productivity levels on site compared to larger rigs.

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Geax rigs offer..

  • Versatility - Adapting to difficult conditions, slopes and narrow spaces without compromising on power.
  • Compact - The Geax range are ideal for limited access in areas such as cities, building interiors or close to wall jobs.
  • Agility - 360 Degree piling, drilling without hardly moving.
  • Power - A Patented BPS Crowd system, for tougher grounds.
  • Manoeuvrability - Makes an efficient site, also allowing for easy transportation.

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Geax Drilling Rig