We offer a range of compact rigs, manufactured in house and made to order, using years of build, manufacturing experience & knowledge.



Our reputable Cobra range

Tried and tested over the last 5 years, we are now branching out to bring a selection of options:

  • Rig with powerpack giving the customer the option to move the powerpack away from the building/tight access sites – This can be either a drop hammer or auger rig.         
  • Rig with engine on board either a drop hammer (cobra D500/D1000) or auger rig (like our CobraT15).


There are various design items to decide on, once the frame has been chosen…

  • Bespoke gearbox size & power ranging from 5000nM to 12000 nM
  • Mast Type- chain or ram
  • Mast height- variable or low headroom or more stroke
  • Pullmaster winch size
  • Gates/inserts/guide ring- various types available
  • Extending mast option for drop hammer
  • Optional side shift & winch for auger rigs
  • Stabilisers
  • Remote control
  • Hammer weights
  • Custom Paint to advertise your business colours-2 Pac
  • Aux winch and side shift
  • Side tilt available