Piling Equipment Ltd & Geax Partner Up

on Saturday, 01 October 2016.

Piling Equipment Ltd & Geax Partner Up

Piling Equipment Ltd team up with Geax Drilling Rigs to become their UK agent on their compact range of multi-purpose rigs.

Not only are they great quality rigs with adaptable kits for the job at hand, they are compact which makes limited access less of an issue. These rigs are ideal for city projects where space can be an issue, or even on domestic properties where you require a rig to fit in narrow spaces.

Geax are a well-established manufacturer of piling and foundation rigs that specialise in multi-purpose applications and ease of use. They have a range of rigs with a particular purpose, but as they are so versatile in their adaptability a variety of kits are available to allow the rig to complete different jobs – why use multiple rigs when one has a kit with the capability to complete each task?

Managing Director, Mark Symes, is always on the lookout for the next step to conquering the piling market. Throughout his career in the piling industry he knows what contractors are looking for and what potential rigs have to fulfil these requirements.

Geax caught Mark's eye, not only are the machines well-built but they are a good fit for his current fleet of rigs and he can see what potential they have in the UK market. The machines are less labour intensive and easy to install (making your project more time efficient).

Piling Equipment Ltd partnership with Geax

An excavator base machine that is well-engineered and value for money - what else can a prospective buyer want? Geax is a proactive manufacturer and keen to take on custom builds to fulfil your project requirements, in combination with Piling Equipment Ltd's experience and technical know-how they can advise on the correct modifications and make the purchasing experience that much easier.

Now Geax, with their quality product and Piling Equipment Ltd's extensive client base, it seems the new line of Geax rigs are set to take on the ever changing UK foundation market.

Geax at Bauma

Piling Equipment Ltd are offering the opportunity to try before you buy with Geax's EK40, EK60 and EK90 becoming the new members of the hire fleet. When you hire from Piling Equipment Ltd you have access to the standby engineer support service who can assist you with any issues that occur during everyday projects.