Piling Equipment Ltd in association with Hatz GB Ltd

on Friday, 09 October 2020.

Piling Equipment Ltd in association with Hatz GB Ltd

It’s no secret that our Cobra machines have been meticulously designed. In order to meet the evolving needs of consumers within the piling industry, our engineers (in partnership with Adler Arbeitsmaschinen) fabricated the Cobra range to simultaneously be compact and powerful. The Cobra machines (both drop hammer and rotary variants) have been purposefully developed to be lightweight, compact, and manoeuvrable, whilst providing an unrivalled power output.

Our latest releases, the Cobra T8000 and T12000, have been produced to deliver more torque than previous models. Therefore, in order to complement our updated design, we wanted to select an engine which could deliver the uncompromisable power required, and that we considered to be small yet mighty, much like our mini rigs. Consequently, we partnered up with Hatz GB Ltd, and utilise the Hatz 4H50TICD Silent Pack, Euro Stage V, 55kw @ 2800 rpm diesel engine.

The introduction of the Hatz H-series silent pack engines showcases a fresh approach to engine design. Through general downsizing and clever design, the H-series have been manufactured to be compact yet turbocharged, setting benchmarks in their performance classes internationally. 

To illustrate why we believe Hatz engines are in a league of their own, we have put together a list of the key advantages attributed to the H-series engines:


Excellent Fuel Economy:

When it comes to fuel economy and fuel efficiency, the Hatz H-series engines are vastly superior in comparison to other models within the same power class. With a fuel consumption of less than 210 grams per kilowatt hour, the H-series models have set new efficiency standards and are highly regarded within the industry for their environmentally friendly stance.

A key element of the exceptionally high fuel efficiency is the reduction of internal friction, which is largely due to the conservative design with few moving parts, this makes each H-series model the most efficient engine in its power class. Additionally, the injection technology employed by Hatz also contributes to quiet combustion noise, low emission output and overall better fuel economy.


graph to show the fuel consumption of the Hatz models 3H50TICD & 4H50TICD


A graph to show the fuel consumption of the Hatz models 3H50TICD & 4H50TICD


Exceptional Environmental Compliance:

The H-series engines are approximately 90 kilograms lighter in comparison to its nearest competitor. This ergonomic and weight-saving design has resulted in a lower power-to-weight ratio, as well as an overall reduction in raw material usage and fuel consumption. Additionally, due to a diesel particulate filter (DPF) being fitted as standard in each unit, the overall soot accumulation and emission output of the machine is reduced significantly.

Hatz diesel engines have been recognised as one of the “greenest” engine choices within the marketplace. Hatz as an organisation are also environmentally conscious, stating that the “low emissions and long service of our Hatz engines begin with environmentally conscious development and continue with the environmentally friendly use of materials in production”.

We have therefore decided to utilise the 4H50TICD engine in our most recent fabrications in order to preserve the longevity of our machines. By incorporating greener engines within our design will eradicate the need for inordinate maintenance and material usage, as well as being a more environmentally friendly and sustainable option.        


Superior Performance:

Despite the compact size of the H-series models, the lower power-to-weight ratio enables enormous amounts of power and high torque to be produced. The power class of the entire H-series range is distinguished by a high-supercharging degree, simultaneously coupled with simple and ergonomic engine design. In addition, due to the low speed of the Hatz engine, noise emissions have been significantly reduced when compared to conventional engine solutions without a turbocharger.


graph showing the power output of the Hatz 3H50TICD & 4H50TICD

  A graph showing the power output of the Hatz 3H50TICD & 4H50TICD



graph depicting the torque output of two Hatz engines, the 3H50TICD & 4H50TICD

 A graph depicting the torque output of two Hatz engines, the 3H50TICD & 4H50TICD 


Maintenance Friendly:

From initial installation to routine maintenance checks and servicing, the H-series are extremely user friendly. All maintenance points are located on one side of the engine enabling quick and easy access. Parts are also readily available. Additionally, due to a hydraulic valve and generously sized filters, the maintenance intervals (500 hours) have been spaced in larger increments to reduce the frequency of and the requirement for minor servicing. Hatz engines are frequently installed in commercial vehicles due to their durability, efficiency, and operator friendliness. The H-series engines also incorporate a two-valve-per-cylinder design, which enables high efficiency to be achieved as well as providing mechanical robustness and functional simplicity.


Our workshop manager stated, “Hatz have a proven track record within the construction industry for producing reliable engines. The new 4H engine is extremely quiet, fuel efficient and easy to install”.

We have now been collaborating with Hatz GB Ltd for a number of years. Speaking with Hatz GB Ltd.’s Sales Manager, Matthew Jones, he said, “With all the challenges of the latest EU Stage V engine emission regulations, one aspect we always have to consider is the machine manufacturers ability to successfully install the modern diesel engine within their application. Dealing with Piling Equipment we soon realised that they possessed all the necessary skills and understanding to complete this task without any concerns. The engineering team lead by Dave Webb have also been very proactive on the service and maintenance side of the engine to assist all their UK customers thus enhancing the Hatz/Piling Equipment/End User relationships”.


Hatz engine


Hatz Great Britain Ltd was founded in 1979 as a subsidiary of their parent company Motorenfabrik Hatz GmBH. Hatz engines are world-renowned for their innovative design and unbeatable reliability. To learn more about Hatz and view their extensive range of products, head over to their website: https://www.hatzgb.co.uk/en/home/