The GEAX EK75 - how easy to use?!

on Wednesday, 15 August 2018.

The GEAX EK75 - how easy to use?!

Here at Piling Equipment Ltd, we like to try and back up what we say. So when we say our range of GEAX rigs are easy to use, we mean it.

When presented with the challenge of proving how easy to drive they are from a client, our sales executive Julie Collins jumped at the chance to have a go in our GEAX EK75.

After a brief guide from our piling maestro Mark Holbrow, she set off moving the rig around, turning it on its 360o base and raising and lowering the foot.

When asked afterwards, what she thought of the rig, she replied that not only was it easy to drive, but the cab was roomy, it had a radio and it even had a heated seat! What more could you want?

We might have to upgrade her office to keep her out the rig…

Geax EK75 rig in use