An ode to the EK: How Geax’s EK series rigs have taken the UK by storm

on Friday, 05 February 2021.

An ode to the EK: How Geax’s EK series rigs have taken the UK by storm

Over the past four years, the Geax EK series rigs have become increasingly popular within the UK piling industry. Renowned for their ergonomic and innovative design, excellent manoeuvrability and ease of operation, the EK series machines are fast becoming the rig of choice for drillers across the UK.

The Geax EK series are multi-functional piling rigs renowned for their versatility and ability to work efficiently and productively in a multitude of modes. The EK range has a variety of complementary kits available, enabling the machine to effectively work in a range of configurations including; CFA, rotary, jet grouting, diaphragm wall digging, soil mixing and soil displacement. Conversion between modular kits is simple, easy to apply and low cost. This adaptability means you can have one rig that is highly functional and consistently performs exceptionally well in a variety of modes, inclusive of a reduced changeover time.

When comparing the EK series to other popular drilling rigs, the EK range offers better manoeuvrability and mobilisation, increased speed of installation, rigging and de-rigging, and higher productivity levels overall. These attributes undeniably have made Geax a market leader within the UK and international piling industries. Moreover, Geax have created a range of drilling machines with full onboard instrumentation and the latest monitoring systems to ensure an optimum drilling process and reduce concrete wastage. This is also advantageous in regards to health and safety, more so than using traditional sectional flight auger methods of piling. Additionally, the Geax EK rigs feature a patented BPS crowd system as standard. This system enables the machines to drill through harder ground and work in tougher site conditions without any compromises.

Unlike other machines, the EK rigs make light work of dense ground conditions and have an unparalleled ability to work adeptly in difficult surroundings, which many other machines would struggle to work in. Compared to other rigs with similar drilling capabilities, the Geax EK rigs have a relatively small footprint ideal for tight access or restricted sites. Not only is this small footprint beneficial in terms of overcoming potential restrictions, but also means the rig has very low ground bearing pressure enabling the Geax to work on a less heavily engineered platform, further saving time, preparation and expenditure.


Geax EK40 in use

Geax’s EK rigs have also proven to be more cost effective and have higher productivity rates in comparison to other available brands. Similarly, service and maintenance costs of the Geax rigs are extremely reasonable, and less expensive than comparable machines. In addition to the diverse functionality of the EK series, Geax have sympathetically and ergonomically designed the cab to be a comfortable yet practical workspace. Our clients often comment on the overall sleek design, and appreciate the level of detail employed by Geax to ensure operator usability is of the utmost importance.

In spite of the current climate, utilising Geax machines enables work on site to continue as normally as possible. A key feature of the Geax rigs is the intuitively designed base, which eliminates the need for close proximity working and instead only requires one operator situated inside the cab, and minimal drilling crew on the ground. Finally, considering the importance of maintaining a sustainable and environmentally conscious attitude, Geax have utilised the latest technology to enhance and update the EK engines. This upgrade has ensured the EK rigs are more fuel efficient and have a reduced emission output, ultimately making them a greener option when it comes to selecting a drilling rig.

Speaking to our Sales Manager, Raymond Nevin, he says, “the Geax range of piling rigs are site proven with class leading stability and reliability. Geax rigs are multi-disciplined for CFA, rotary, diaphragm wall, and displacement drilling. The Geax range takes your business to the next level of production across all piling site applications”.



In addition to the EK series, Geax also produce their highly coveted DTC and XD machines.

The Geax XD range has been specifically designed for rotary drilling on sites with restricted access and reduced headroom height. With a minimum working height of 2.6m, the compact design of the XD rigs make them the ideal rig for utilising on challenging sites, such as London basements. Due to their compact design yet powerful performance, the XD rigs work well on tricky sites with ease and proficiency, making them a firm favourite with our capital based clients. The XD rigs are equipped with a variety of features often associated with larger rigs such as, auxiliary winch, depth meter, spin off speed and winch limit. Additionally, the vertical alignment enables hillside drilling if required. 

Geax’s DTC range has been developed to provide a piling rig with an overall lighter structure without compromising on power output or agility. Despite having a smaller structure, the DTC’s are robust and productive, comparable with much larger machines. The innovative design of the DTC machines incorporates a steel boom which supports a monolithic mast. This new concept of a boxed steel mast, which internally contains the telescopic Kelly bar, allows for better stability due to the Kelly bar being closer to the base compared to an external configuration, and an overall reduction of noise during the tool discharge.

 Geax DTC80 Piling Rig

Piling Equipment Ltd customers are continuously choosing to hire and purchase Geax machines due to their unbeatable reputation, unparalleled reliability, and multipurpose functionality. When purchasing a Geax machine from us, full warranty, factory back up and strong dealership support come as standard. In addition, Geax rigs are able to be customised and have the flexibility to incorporate and meet clients’ individual design needs. Furthermore, parts are readily available, ensuring your machine is always available for work.

For further information about our range of Geax machinery, please take a look at our website or contact our sales team today: 01985 219192 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.